Labor Law and Social Security

Our labor and social security legal practice is focused on the specific needs of each client, with a strong emphasis on the corporate sector. Our results-oriented approach and extensive practical experience consistently empower us to undertake prevention and containment initiatives. We highlight the following activities:


  • Drafting memoranda and legal opinions;
  • Reviewing procedures with a focus on labor and social security aspects to identify opportunities for improvements, benefits, and potential exposures;
  • Reviewing labor and social security compliance concerning all procedures related to personnel management, including main obligations and ancillary payroll requirements (such as eSocial, EFD REINF, etc.);
  • Compliance, M&A, and special projects related to labor and social security regulations;
  • Advising on the establishment and development of methodologies and procedures for companies;
  • Monitoring labor inspections conducted by the Labor Prosecution Office and/or the Ministry of Labor and Social Security;
  • Providing support and assistance in companies’ relations with labor unions;
  • Monitoring inspections conducted by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service for social security purposes;
  • Strategic administrative and judicial litigation, both in labor and social security matters;
  • Assisting in administrative defenses and penalties arising from labor and social security inspections.