Property Management and Succession Planning

Throughout history, we have consistently performed outstandingly in serving family groups. Our team has an extensive technical repertoire and experience in succession and property planning. In pursuing the best legal solution – to maintain longevity or management aiming at property growth – we make tailor-made analyses for companies and families and propose customized and targeted solutions.

To mitigate the risks involved, we examine our clients’ movable and immovable assets before outlining the best asset protection strategy. We also advise creating Equity Holdings, focusing on succession and the contribution of assets to corporate equity. Among other services provided, we are responsible for issuing Real Estate Conveyance Tax payment forms or drafting requests for exemption thereof, depending on the case; we implement the necessary measures to ensure that the registration of the corporate act is correctly informed to the real estate registry, including the consequent updating of the registrations of the properties contributed to the capital of the Equity Holding; we draft contracts for the donation of equity interests among other public or private instruments that may be required within the projected equity framework.

We have an extensive list of clients with international property frameworks, which have been structured through the establishment of offshore companies and trusts in several jurisdictions, including Uruguay, the British Virgin Islands, Delaware, the Cayman Islands, and others. In this respect, Miguel Neto Advogados can fully advise its clients in establishing frameworks in such locations, always supported by local legislation, since the firm has international partners in several regions.