Civil Litigation

The experts in Civil Law at Miguel Neto Advogados focus on strategic litigation: We operate from the pre-litigation phase, which consists of analyzing strengths and sensitive points for defining plans, to the judicial litigation phase.

For the cases to be conducted in-depth, we seek a complete analysis of the issue and prepare a critical reflection of the arguments that sustain the client’s position. Our performance then unfolds with high technical rigor by using the correct language to reach the message’s recipient.

Throughout the work developed, we respect the client’s commercial position and strategies, thus preserving its business model through practices that are in harmony with the company’s daily life. After all, litigation is not the commercial goal.

Our track record involves several segments and procedures, including construction and engineering, general business contracts and agreements, distribution agreements, complex insurance such as D&O, sports transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), company dissolutions and withdrawal of members, joint ventures and other conflicting corporate figures of its members, possession, ownership, and security interests; among others.

Our experience goes further. We also represent foreign clients in Brazil and Brazilian clients in litigation in other jurisdictions by employing close partnerships in countries such as Spain, England, France, the United States, Trinidad & Tobago, and Chile, among others. This is obviously facilitated by the language and cultural skills of our team, whose members altogether are fluent in many languages.