Publicly held companies

Our services in this area include the administration of routine institutional activities and the creation of decision-making and risk-management processes. Through a specialized team, Miguel Neto Advogados works to meet the most varied demands inherent to publicly held companies.

Our professionals have deep knowledge of the legal and regulatory standards applicable to publicly held companies, providing sound advice based on protecting the interests of shareholders and administrators. With wisdom in corporate governance, we also help companies in their business strategies.

We are always attentive to compliance with the rules published by regulatory agencies such as the Brazilian Securities Exchange Commission (CVM) and Bolsa, Brasil, Balcão (B3), and the Brazilian Stock Exchange. Support for the disclosure of mandatory business information also makes up our practice, as well as the drafting of diverse responses and communications to competent regulatory agencies.

Our work encompasses the development of intelligent strategies to support the performance of officers, directors, members of the audit committee, and other stakeholders. With full knowledge of the cause, our lawyers have proven performance in CVM’s Sanctioning Administrative Proceedings (PAS) in regulatory issues related to the Brazilian capital market.