Our work in the field of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reflects our commitment to a more sustainable and ethical business world.

In the Environmental aspect, we assist companies in understanding and complying with environmental regulations, minimizing legal risks and negative impacts. Additionally, we collaborate with organizations to develop sustainability strategies, ensuring compliance with ever-evolving environmental standards.

On the Social front, we help our clients address issues related to workers’ rights, diversity, and inclusion. Our legal expertise in social matters enables companies to establish fair and equal workplaces, strengthening their reputation and valuing their employees.

Regarding Governance, we guide companies in implementing robust and transparent corporate governance practices. This includes establishing responsible decision-making structures, preventing conflicts of interest, and promoting ethics in business.

Our ESG services include:

  • Consultation on environmental regulatory compliance.
  • Advisory on sustainability policy development.
  • Defense in environmental and labor litigation.
  • Structuring diversity and inclusion programs.
  • Guidance on corporate governance and business ethics.


At Miguel Neto Advogados, we are committed to leveraging our legal expertise to contribute to the advancement of ESG practices, helping companies thrive in a sustainable and responsible manner.